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There are very few people in the medical profession, in my opinion, that have the intelligence to think deeply and creatively about solving a problem, who combine this with a knowledge of the cutting edge of technology and who in addition are able to interact with a patient brilliantly, cutting to the heart of things in a warm, comfortable and insightful way. To treat my depression, she first used a high tech genetic test to correctly reset my medications. Second, she identified an additional sleep disorder that I had been completely unaware of which had been a major contributor to my poor mental state. Finally, we now talk weekly, pulling the remaining threads of my life together. I recommend her enthusiastically and unreservedly.
— Brown University Professor (2016)
I first saw Dr. Hartselle when I was going through a depressive episode. There was no specific cause (i.e. stress, breakup) to prompt the episode, but I found myself extremely unmotivated, antisocial, and generally at a lower level of happiness. I began seeing Dr. Hartselle on a weekly basis and am continuing to see her now.

Dr. Hartselle is exceptionally easy to talk to - I found myself immediately comfortable enough to be able to confide in her. Since beginning with Dr. Hartselle, I find myself looking forward to our appointments. Sessions don’t feel like “therapy,” but instead talking to a close confidante. During sessions, Dr. Hartselle makes me feel extremely understood and safe. I would recommend her to anyone and am grateful that I found her!
— Brown University student '17, Economics (2015)
I was really depressed, struggling to get out of bed and felt totally out of control. I sought help from Dr. Harstelle for depression, anxiety, and a binge eating disorder.

Dr. Harstelle is incredible. She is understanding, comforting, and patient. I felt immediately comfortable being totally honest and am so thankful to have found her.
— Senior student at college (2016)
I was having a hard time adjusting to a new city without many friends, and experiencing depression and anxiety.

Dr. Hartselle is so knowledgeable about psychiatry and medication management. When I felt discouraged, she made me feel like there are always more options to try. She is also so easy to talk to and made therapy enjoyable for me.
— Recent graduate (2016)
Dr. Hartselle is exceptionally qualified in administering CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and uses medication conservatively when appropriate. She is engaging and honest and transformed my life.
— Brown University student (2015)
When I first met Dr. Hartselle, I was being worked up for a fatigue disorder, which I had originally attributed to poor sleep. I quickly found myself entirely comfortable in Dr. Hartselle’s presence. As a Brown University medical student, it can be difficult to take the leap into being a patient. I so appreciated her systematic approach to my problem. Through a series of sessions, I was enabled as a patient to step back and redirect my outlook on obstacles I was facing in my life (i.e. stress related to life as a medical student). I have and would recommend Dr. Hartselle to fellow classmates and/or medical students who are looking for a clinician who puts her patients at ease and is responsive to their needs as they evolve over the course of sessions.
— Brown University Warren Alpert Medical School alum (2015)

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